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Recruitment & HR

Naomi Kluge, our Recruitment Manager has 13 years’ experience in the field of general Human Resources including Recruiting and Staffing, Payroll, Benefits, Compensation, Employee Relations, HR Compliance, Training and Development.  Since 2012 Naomi has been specialising in Recruitment and Staffing in the Healthcare Industry.

We are committed to hiring and placing the best Healthcare Professionals in positions throughout South Africa.  Our services includes the placement of quality agency and permanent staff as well as other essential outsourced HR services.

Recruitment Employers
Recruitment Employees
Services that we offer
  • Recruitment Services  

  • HR Policies & Procedures

  • Salary and Benefit Reviews

  • Forms and Labour Documentation

  • HR Consulting

  • Labour Relations

    Our services include Permanent and Temporary Placements in the following facilities:


  • Hospitals

  • Clinics  

  • Doctors Practices

  • Old Age Homes and;

  • Frail Care Facilities