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Department of Labour notice and effect on Training

The Chief Inspector, Tibor Szana of the Department of Labour, promulgated in the Government Gazette (No 41350 dated 22 December 2017) Notice R.1463 : “Amended Notice of Direction in terms of Section 27(2) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, read with Regulation 3(4) of the General Safety Regulations” made changes to the first aid training accreditation regulations. 

In this notice, all First Aid Training Providers will now need to be accredited by the Quality Assurance Body that has been delegated the quality assurance responsibilities for First aid unit standards by the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO). The notice gives training providers until end August 2018 to comply with the new regulations or be deregistered.


First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3 courses accredited under Department of Labour will be terminated and will no longer be taught. However certificates issued till end of August 2018 will still be seen valid for three years. The First Aid Unit Standards that form part of Registered SETA Qualifications will now be the minimum level of training. The First Aider Skills Programme (FASP) that has been accepted by HWSETA to be followed; consist of the following 3 Unit Standards

Requirements for offering the programs:

·       Any institution offering learning that will enable achievement of this unit standard must be accredited as a Training Provider at a           
        relevant SETA.

·       Anyone assessing a learner against this unit standard must be registered as an assessor under a Training Provider with the relevant

·       Moderation of assessment will be overseen by the relevant SETA 

·       HWSETA's requirements is that a minimum of two Unit Standards be presented to learners at a time or  a maximum of 10 credits in
        order to receive a certificate issued by HWSETA. A client can choose to enroll for First Aid level 1 and 2 or Level 1 and another Unit
        Standard from the HWSETA registered skills programs. 

 The minimum entrance requirement 

ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) Level 4. This is an adult qualification that is registered at Level 1 on the NQF, it is comparable to Grade 9 (or the old Standard 7).   ABET is competency in English and Mathematics as there is writing required to complete the Portfolio of Evidence and Workplace Experience Assignments. 

Bestcare Training services is registered as a Training Provider at HWSETA to offer the FIRST AID skills programs as well as the following qualifications: