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Recruitment - Employee

We pride ourselves in delivering the best service to ensure you enjoy your work experience through us.  We believe in rewarding the workforce with pay rates that reflect their skills and the demands they are likely to encounter in the work place, and therefor strive to:


·     Offer market related pay rates

·     Recognise and reward your competence and experience

·     Operate with integrity and respect for the healthcare profession

·     Offer affordable training and ongoing development

·     We pay referral fees to staff who introduce other professional staff

Recruitment Progress

Please email us the following:

  • Completed application form

  • A summarised CV

  • A clear certified copy of your ID

  • A certified copy of your Nursing Council receipt (if applicable)

  • A certified copy of your HCPCA receipt (if applicable)

  • A certified copy of your valid work permit (if applicable)

  • Recent salary advice

  • ID photograph

    Complete and return our registration form and send it to